Interactive sound installation


VOICES is a sound installation that was presented at Uncloud, Pieter Baan Centrum in Utrecht. The building from Het Pieter Baan Centrum is used in all kinds of ways. Most recently it has been the home of mentally ill prisoners and psychopaths. When walking around in the building, some sense of mystery can be felt because of the history of the building. VOICES takes visitors on a trip into the heads of these mentally ill people. These people often experienced little voices in their heads which made them have a feeling of being trapped in their own heads. Within the thick walls of the old prison, every sound is captured by a microphone and played back over 8 speakers surrounding the visitor. Sounds are heavily misplaced in time and space, causing a confusing or psychotic experience. Now and then you will recognize the sounds of previous visitors flying through the room. 




Exhibition            UNCLOUD 
                                Pieter Baan Centrum, Utrecht 2020
Concept                 Victor Dissel & Gerben van der Kleij   
Sound                    Victor Dissel
Code                       Gerben van der Kleij

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