Reflect is an audiovisual installation where people are invited to participate in the artwork themselves. A large mirror hangs at 45 degrees above a container with a thin layer of water. Several speakers have been mounted under the tank, causing the water to move in miraculous ways. Because of the different sound frequencies, interesting patterns emerge from the water. In the mirror you will see yourself dancing across the surface like a liquid being. “Reflect” shapes our daily reality, in which life on earth is inseparable from water and our body is made up of 70% water. Will sound frequencies affect the water in our bodies in the same way?
“Reflect and become one with the surface.”


Exhibition        WE ARE WATER
                            Rietveldpaviljoen 2022
Concept             Victor Dissel
Construction    ATM-atmosphere 
Sound                Victor Dissel
Light                   Emanuel Nijkerk


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