Victor Dissel (1999)

Victor Dissel is a Dutch based audiovisual artist and composer. He is mostly known for his audiovisual installations, performances and sound works. In his end-year at the dutch university of higher arts, at HKU Music & Technology, he concentrates in the fields of Sonic Design, Spatial Audio and Composition. In his work, auditory and visual narratives are often merged into three-dimensional experiences. Within these confined spaces, our human realities get inflected by playing with concepts of time, space, and the sensory perception of light and sound. In his projects he always strives for multidisciplinarity and collaboration. It’s about combining the intellectual creativity of individuals with different ways of thinking to reach innovative solutions.i St., San Francisco, CA
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For all media including film, ads, or other alternative projects. His training at HKU and many years of experience have grown into a broad understanding of sonic design.



With a keen sense of structure, space and narrative he will find its way in every project imaginable. Having worked with many different artists has been a big benefit in his development.

Audiovisual Installation

All skills come together when exploring the audiovisual world of installation. The most common ingredients definitely are spatial audio, immersive designs and interdisciplinary crossovers.

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